Monday, May 2, 2016

Acai Bowl

We've all been on Instagram long enough to notice how popular the Acai Bowl has become. These
bowls are basically a thick smoothie that you are able to top with various options such as granola, nuts, fruit and seeds. I've tried a few from superfood cafes, and it's safe to say they sure don't disappoint although the price can. I was tired of spending money on something I could easily make and wanted to share how I create mine.

I bought an acai pack from Sprouts farmers market. The pack I bought comes in a set of four which can make you either 4 smoothies or 2 bowls. (For an acai bowl you want to make sure the texture is thick enough to support your toppings.) I'll link the exact one I get :) - Acai Berry Superfruit Pack

1. Start by adding some of your favorite liquids. My favorite are coconut milk and water, your options can range from almond milk to cashew milk or even juice. It's your preference. The amount of liquid you use depends on how many fresh and frozen fruits you'd like to use.

2. I always have big bags of frozen fruits in my freezer so I do use more frozen fruits than anything but it's also great to add in some fresh fruit in there as well.

3. Layer the ingredients in your blender. I add my acai pack first then my coconut milk and water, followed by the fruits I'll be using. Layering your ingredients makes it easier for them to blend overall and helps you use less liquid for a thicker texture.

4. If you wanna add a kick to it, add any spices of your choice!

5. Voila! You have your bowl and now you're able to play with your toppings. I love adding that crunch to my bowl so I incorporate granola to my bowl every single time. I also love my fruits so of course I top it off fresh bananas and berries. What I do recommend is always topping it off with chia seeds! This great addition is an excellent source of fiber. There are so many toppings to choose from and that's what makes this bowl fun, so get creative and have fun decorating your bowl.