Sunday, May 8, 2016

Favorite Liquid Lipsticks

So as some of you know from Instagram + Snapchat, I visited New York for the first time back in April! I attended IMATS while I was there and picked out these two lip colors from the Dose of Colors booth and I absolutely love them!

Coral Crush - The one on the left. I had seen this lip color on one of my favorite YouTubers (Desi Perkins) a while back and loved it right away. I decided to pick it up when I saw it because it's perfect for both Spring and Summer. It's a beautiful bright coral and the texture itself is smooth with an applicator that is easy to use. Although it is matte, so you'll have to moisturize your lips beforehand. It's worth the buy because it will stay on your lips ALL day, even after eating and drinking. FYI: It is out of stock right now but they should be getting it back sometime this month!! So keep an eye out if you're really interested in it.

Bellini - The one on the right. I love my nudes, so this caught my eye rather quickly from the start. It is an opaque non-sticky lip that goes on very smoothly. This color does have some sparkle in it which makes the lips a lot shiner, and lighter once applied to your lips. Before using this lip gloss, I do put a pinker lipstick under just because without it, it's too light for my skin color but overall it's a great nude.

Dose of Colors is cruelty free and these lippies are vegan :)

Not only did I pick out Dose of Colors from IMATS, but I also picked up Spicy from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Spicy - This is a paprika red matte liquid lipstick. It's similar to Coral Crush but has more of a red undertone and is just as bright. I love wearing bright colorful lip colors in the Summer so that explains why I picked out a second bright lip color. The texture is just as smooth and pigmented as Dose of Colors and after applying, it doesn't go anywhere! Stays on ALL day without a smudge.

LAX - For ColourPop lippies I always moistriuze my lips before applying it because this formula does dry up my lips if I don't! LAX is a dark redish brown that gives you a bold vampy look. I do have to reapply it about once throughout the day but for only $6, it's definetly a steal.

ABH does not test on animals so it is cruelty free although some products have honey and beeswax, therefore it's not vegan.

ColourPop is cruelty free as well and all their lipliners + lippies are vegan. Most of their products are vegan with the expception of a few shadows, gels and highlighters.