Sunday, May 1, 2016

In Loving Memory

As some of you know, just recently I lost a special someone. That someone happened to be my dog Gianni (aka my child). The incident happened April 13th. Gianni was taken outside by my siblings to play and was unfortunately ran over :( (I don't blame them because they didn't know any better) My little brother came inside screaming and crying, and that was when my heart dropped because I knew something terrible had occurred. When I stepped outside I saw his lifeless body laying on the road and devastation took over me. It was hard seeing him the way I did when minutes ago he was jumping and running all over the house.
Gianni was a 7 month Chocolate Yorkie. My boyfriend knew I longed for a Yorkie and decided to get me one as a gift. I had him for about three months and in such short time, Gianni instantly won over my heart. Those who have me on Snapchat know how much love I had for the little guy. He was the sweetest, most loving playful pup and just so perfect to me. A dog is never "just a dog", and you don't truly understand till you have your  own. A dog will always love you unconditionally and they are never not excited to see you. Opening your house door to someone waiting for you with such excitement is heartwarming. A dog becomes family and you grow to love them as your own child. Some of you may think this sounds crazy but I promise you won't know the feeling till you have your very own! A pet in general brings you friendship, pure joy and will bring out the best in you... I'll miss having my little boy following me everywhere, waking me up with kisses and crying to me when I wouldn't get up from bed to play. He will always be my special chocolate nosed baby.
- I've wanted to start blogging for a while now and wanted to dedicate my first post to him. Home will never be the same without you <3