Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers 2016

Hey guys! Welcome back, I know it has been a while... Once AGAIN. Ugh, school + juggling two jobs + making time for the gym = time consuming... But my fall semester finally ended yesterday and I thought the best way to begin my break is to be productive and get a post up. This time of year is my absolute favorite! You can bet my home is already full of Christmas decor ;) me and my mom decided to go with the Winter Wonderland theme since our ornaments from the year before are silver and gold, we thought why not? Well any who... I decided to make a little gift guide for you guys, the first three items are great socking stuffers and the other three are three of my favorite Winter essentials. They are all budget friendly so I thought it'd be something nice to share to give you all some ideas.

1. BECCA on the Go Set, $20
This makes a perfect stocking stuffer due to the size. (I'm also a sucker for mini things) The size also makes it easy for travel. I have the moonstone highlighter and it is one of my top favorites. What a better way to surprise someone than with a highlighter + lippie in their stocking :)
2. Kate Spade Tassel Keychain, $48
Whether this keychain is attached to your purse or keys, it is always a great fashionable add on!
3. Essie Winter Collection Set, $13
Who isn't a fan of nail polish? Essie is my favorite nail polish brand due to the wide range of colors they have. I chose this Winter set in particular because they are mini and I know many of us are fans of looking the season.
4. Holiday Pajamas, $68
Matching PJ sets are the cutest! This set will keep you cozy at home. You could also add in some cute fuzzy house slippers or knit socks with it.
5. TOPSHOP Traditional Scarf, $35
With the cold season here everyone needs their go-to scarf. This print is absolutely gorgeous and can always be paired with any dress or sweater.
6. TOPSHOP Knit Sweater, $75
An oversized chunky sweater is a must have for the Winter. It's cute, simple and can either be dressed up or down. Can't go wrong with this season staple. (I lost count of how many oversized sweaters I own!)

Hope this helped you guys. Happy Holidays!