Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Favorite Vegan Spots In Atlanta

Can you believe there are only a few more days left to 2016? Time passes by so quick as you're getting older like seriously... can we just put adulthood on pause please!! I'm currently recovering from all the tamales I ate for Christmas! (they were veggie.) I spent this weekend relaxing with my family, watching Christmas movies and eating, a LOT. Enough about that though, I put together this post on a few of my favorite spots I enjoy going to because of the vegan options offered. I always get asked where I go to and what I order, since being plant-based is a little difficult when it comes to going out.

1. True Food Kitchen: An urban relaxed vibe restaurant with a wide selection of vegetarian, vegan + gluten-free dishes - They also have healthy tasty options for those meat eaters. They are located right outside Lenox Mall. I used to always get the Inside Out Quinoa Burger (so yummy!!) but now that I'm plant-based I go for the T.L.T. Sandwich. The sandwich has smoked tempeh, lettuce, tomato, avocado and vegan mayo which is AMAZING. The T.L.T. comes with a side and I typically chose half kale salad and half sweet potato. The kale salad has parmesan, so it's not vegan.. sadly. I chose the salad when I was slowly transitioning into plant-based :) I also recommend the Butternut Squash Pizza (vegan) & the Kale Guacamole.
2. Cinnaholic: OOooOO, this one is for my people with a sweet tooth.. like me! This is located in Edgewood. The menu is 100% vegan and they don't have your typical cinnamon roll.... They have a huge variety of different frostings and toppings to choose from. My favorite frosting is almond, topped with coconut shreds and cookie dough. (photo below.) They also have delicious chocolate chip cookies which I recommend you try! Whenever I went out I typically indulged in some warm chocolate chip cookies because I am a cookie lover!! (chocolate chip obvi.) But now that I only eat dairy-free/egg-free cookies, it can get a little difficult.
3. Tom + Chee: I heard about this place on Shark Tank (one of my favorite shows,) just like I did with Cinnaholic and decided to try it out. They specialize in grilled cheese sandwiches (customizable) and tomato soup. They offer gluten-free bread and vegan cheese, which is what I always order. On top of that, they have a huge selection of extra add-ons. I always choose lettuce, mushrooms and avocado. The classic tomato soup is also vegan. There's a couple locations in Georgia, make sure to check out which one is closer to you and give it a try.

4. Dulce Vegan Bakery: They specialize in vegan and allergy friendly sweets, as well as a selection of soups, sandwiches and salads. They are located in Kirkwood. I've had a chocolate chip pastry and a vanilla cupcake, which I didn't get a photo of but I found the chocolate chip pastry a lot tastier compared to the cupcake! The last time I went, I built my own breakfast sandwich that consisted of gluten-free egg, vegan egg, kale and avocado. It was my first time trying a vegan egg and I'm impressed! It was so yummy, I honestly couldn't even tell it wasn't an actual egg.