Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Goals

A new year to many of us means, setting new goals. I know there are people who refuse to partake in this and roll their eyes when they hear about New Years Resolutions. I for one am all about supporting those goals, as long as there is commitment and work involved. Many of these resolutions are a failure because people forget what they are striving towards, fall off track and end up not finishing what they started. I admit, I myself get discouraged at times and just want to give up, but then I see the bigger picture all over again and continue. At the moment I cannot help but think about what I could have done better in the past, but I have accepted we can't dwell on the past, but should instead focus on bettering our future. I thought I'd share with you all a few of my goals this year, and hope to encourage some of you to set goals and fulfill them.

1. Read more books. I've always loved to read, when I was younger I would forget about the outside world and get lost into a book. But as I grew older, it has become more difficult to pick up a book. Sometimes I feel like I have such limited time, but when you want something, you make time for it. Any recommendations? I'm a fan of sci-fiction and a sucker for romance!

2. More yoga & pilates. I've tried yoga so many times and end up yawning & feeling sleepy!! But lately, first thing in the morning, I take my mat out and do some stretching, due to the fact my back feels extremely stiff when I wake up. I've found that stretching in the a.m. has helped me become more flexible and has improved my posture. Therefore, I think incorporating yoga in my life will only be beneficial. A few years ago, I did pilates about 3x a week and my core was stronger than ever.... that same year my appendix had burst, so I had to have surgery and afterwards I was so weak, I wasn't able to workout for about a month. I did get back to kickboxing (took classes that year,) but never got back into pilates, due to the fact I had lost most of my core strength. Now that I'm lifting weights, core strength is essential. It'll take time but I'm excited.

3. Making the most out of my time. It's time we all begin to take better advantage of the free time we have. I admit, I'm guilty when it comes to just sitting around and doing absolutely NOTHING. But as I'm growing older and have began "adulting," I have learned every minute counts. So when I'm not at work or in class, I always try to be productive, such as hitting the gym, learning new recipes, watching documentaries.... honestly, there's always something we could be doing! I understand we have those days where you just want to lay in bed all day and binge watch Netflix/Hulu and it is totally OK. -- Just not all the time right? I want 2017 to be full of productiveness and hope the same for you all!

Remember people don't change overnight and accomplishing goals take time and WORK. You cannot sit around procrastinating hoping things will magically happen, you go out there and make them happen.