Friday, December 15, 2017

Simple Christmas Decor

Everyone knows I'm a very festive person when the holidays come around. I like to wear plaid pajamas while sipping hot coco in my santa mug. I can be extra (af) on the holidays, but hey I'm not ashamed! This year I was too caught up with school and work that I didn't have time to go Christmas decor shopping. I decided to work with what I already had and kept it simple.

For the bedside: a nutcracker embellished with gold and silver + a mini tree with "snow."
On the bed: threw two snowflake embroidered pillows. Simplicity at its finest.

The ornaments my mom and I got last year are absolutely gorgeous! We are certainly going to use them as long as we can. It goes with the "Winter Wonderland" theme that we've done for the past 2 years. We're overly obsessed with the silver and gold, although we're considering a "classic" theme for the upcoming year.... Just a thought for now because I'm not sure how I feel about the red + green.
Honestly it does not take much to get in spirit. Set up a mini tree in your bedroom, throw a blanket + holiday pillows. Marshalls and HomeGoods is my go-to place. Inexpensive items & the quality is great.
 Is anyone else festive? hehe I'd love to see how you guys decorate your space!