Monday, January 1, 2018

Goodbye 2017, hello New Year!

Ah, January 1st... It's a fresh start for most of us. New Year's resolutions are the perfect opportunity to start making the changes we said we would make next week or even next month. This is your chance to prepare a list of important lifestyles changes you want to make. Some people tell themselves "why even bother, I'm going to quit after like a day." Remember that you are worth it. Why would you not want to improve yourself and become the best version of you? I enjoy sharing my goals with you guys because we're able to motivate each other to keep moving forward.  

1. Begin journaling. Not only does this improve your reading and writing but it helps keep you together. I had a journal when I was in high school and it was nice to be able to disconnect from everything around me and write my thoughts out.

2. Achieve inner peace. What exactly is "inner peace?" It's a state of being emotionally and mentally at peace, without restless thoughts and being in control of your mind and moods. I want to be able to improve my ability to focus, and have more patience. 

3. Disconnect more often. Yes, technology has wonderful benefits but it can also develop an unhealthy attachment to it. And yes I'm aware blogging deals with using technology but that does not mean I need to be on my phone 24/7. Unplugging helps remove any negative feelings of jealously and loneliness. It also provides us opportunity to reset and refocus our appreciation for the lives we have been given. With that being said, this is also connected to my goal of achieving inner peace.

*Side Note: Having too many goals at once makes it difficult to actually follow through with them so begin with only a few. 

What are your goals for 2018? 

Remember you won't accomplish your dreams or change overnight, but you can make some progress toward it every day.